Testing my anxiety.

This December I will be putting my anxiety out there and testing it. Now I’ve explained before how fucking awful it is to go in public for me. Literally, any kind of public, if it involves more than 2 people that I don’t know, be ready for a full on panic attack. I’m tired of living behind walls with my beautiful fiancé and our precious dog. I want to show my girl off to the world, who wouldn’t?! So for Christmas this year I’m surprising her with Denver Broncos tickets to a game. She’s a diehard Broncos fan, and I knew this would be a huge shock to her. She supports me 100% when it come to my anxiety, she deserves a night out with me, in public. I’m thinking of painting my face, maybe help my anxiety a little bit? I kno I’m going to have to be highly drugged with Ativan before I go into that stadium, lol. I’m highly nervous already but there’s a part of me saying “JUST DO IT!!” So I’m going to do it! We got matching hoodies, hats, gloves, and really amazing seats! Thanks to my mom of course though. I could never afford 2 NFL tickets when I don’t have a job. They where a Christmas present from my mom to us, but from me to my fiancé. This is going to be hard but I know damn well these past 3 1/2 years with someone who has schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression, haven’t been easy for her. She deserves a night out with me and so much more, this is just the beginning of over coming my anxiety. I can’t wait to show her off to the world.