just walked outside to take the trash out, and damn it’s cold n icky outside. The fog is insane, looking like clouds in my backyard lol. Why must it rain?! If it’s going to be this fucking cold, at least give me some snow!!! It’s December and we’ve seen snow once up here in the mountains, which is weird. The rain makes me feel like not doing shit. I wanted to actually get nicely dressed, do my hair and makeup and go visit my family for a little bit. Now it’s 3pm and my girlfriend just let me know she got to work okay. I’m on the sofa snuggling with my pitbull, smoking a cig and watching “The Flash” on Netflix.

Netflix has got to be my best friend when my girlfriend is at work, sad lol. Have you ever heard of ABC watch? It’s an amazing app, if you love abc family. I mainly got the app because my girlfriend HATES “Once Upon a Time”, it’s an ABC show. Of course the only day she has off is Sunday, and if the Broncos are playing, were occupied. So I downloaded the app, signed in with Direct TV, and boom I can watch all episodes after they air on TV, perfect lol.

So today Wednesday December 2nd, my plans; 1) Snuggling with my dog 2) Watch “The Flash”, and “Once Upon a Time”. 3) Facetime my girlfriend. What a successful day!