Worry Worry Worry

So the Broncos game is coming up, and all I can do is worry! My girlfriend is so super excited and then there’s me like “ehhhhhh”. I totally wanna go and I know it’ll be fun it’s just the “what ifs” that are holding me back. What if someone starts a fight with us, what if we run into someone we don’t want to see, what if I have to shit because I’m nervous and I can’t find a bathroom. Little shit like that is what’s driving me nuts. Lol I told my girlfriend last night ” I have to think of all the what ifs, so I can make a plan for invade they do happen. It makes me feel ten times more prepared to deal with shit. Over the weekend I had an amazing few days with my girlfriend and we also babysat my sisters kids. I wish I had kids, it made me feel important? Like I had a reason to do things. I’ll talk more later, kind of just going on and on lol.



  1. Ash · December 7, 2015

    This happens to me too i love making plans to battle my what ifs it’s what gets me through the the day in fact I might make a sketch of this


    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · December 8, 2015

      Yes! It helps me so much. Even though most of my what ifs are so insane n would probably never happen, I still think of them lol. I just have to think of a go to plan for EVERY what if. So I’m not freaking out and go straight into panic mood if any of my what ifs actually happen.

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