Giving Up on SSI

So ever since I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, anxiety, and manic depression I’ve attempted working at a few places. I was diagnosed over 5 years ago. I’ve had 4 jobs since I was 16. Due to my “voices” keeping my brain occupied and my anxiety causing panic attacks, I haven’t lasted more than a month at a job. It’s not that I don’t like working, I love it, it makes me feel important. It’s the fact that most job you can’t miss one day for the first 60-90 days. I decided I wasn’t going to keep getting jobs and then loose them only a month later due to something I can’t help. I applied for Social Security Income, I’ve been denied over 5 times. I’ve even gotten a lawyer, and was still denied. It’s not easy being 21, engaged and trying to start a a family when I have no income. If I could only find an online job that was actually legit, I’d have a chance to be a “normal” person. Any ideas for jobs online? I live in the tiniest community up in the mountains, so little mom n paw stores aren’t an option since that’s literally all we have.