Two Days! 😰

Ahhhh two more days until the big game! I’m seriously starting to get super excited but deep down I feel that ball of anxiety rolling around:/ To make things even more rocky, I’m guessing there will be around 60,000 people there! I know it’ll be fine, nothing’s going to happen but I just can’t shake the anxious feeling, which is making me even more anxious.

    So it’s winter right now, right? Lol. It’s DECEMBER 18th, 2:45pm, and 32• outside and sleeting. Sounds like DECEMBER, right?! Well here’s the forecast for DECEMBER 24th (Christmas Eve!), 64• and rainy, WTF!!!! That does NOT sound like winter!! Can you say global warming?

My girlfriend and I hung out all day yesterday, she stayed home from work and we had a lazy day. We smoked and watched YouTube videos about earths creation, space videos, and things about ice ages. When I was in high school, I didn’t think about life the way I do now as an adult. I never looked up at the sky and thought, “wow, that’s where we come from”, “look how beautiful”, “I wonder who/what is looking back at me”. Now when I look up I just wonder why we don’t know! I just wish we knew what was the big picture, and why? I’m not a believer of God, well not the “God” that most people believe in. I believe we have a higher power, but it is not a person, and it is nothing like us. I personally believe we wouldn’t even be able to communicate with our maker. It could be an asteroid that created everything and we just evolved; which is still simply amazing.

Anything and Everything is possible. Different realms, dimensions, things we could never explain. We will never know, kinda scary but so interesting!

Enough for right now. I need to get moving! No slacking today!! Go in to town, visit my sick aunt, visit my mom, come home and wrap presents….. And go!!!