Hello world! 

Hello everyone! 3 days, 3 freaking day until Christmas! Today’s a warm one, 

 but icky and rainy. Today is going to be my “Sunday”, staying in pajamas, under blankets, and watching “Family Guy”. I know it’s warm out today but I’m freezing! I literally have my hair dryer on and running laying on the sofa beside me, keeping me warm:) 

I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing “surveys”, “challenges” on their blogs, I’m going to try and find a good one to do on here:) I can’t wait for Christmas, I have seven nieces and nephews, so that’s who I’m really excited to see open presents! But I also got my girl a lot of nice things, so I think she’ll be surprised about that:) The holidays are making me want a job, so bad, happens every year. One day I’ll work up the nerve to work again, but until then, I’ll try my best to keep with the buying/shopping.