Things you should never say to someone with mental health problems. 

Things you should never say to people with anxiety

  1. Seriously, let’s just go out, you’ll be fine!”   First off, if you don’t suffer from anxiety, DO NOT act like you know that he/she will be fine. No one knows how you feel, besides you. You are the best person to judge on whether you are comfortable or not. 
  2. Don’t you get tired of staying in the house all day?” No shit, yes I get tired of staying in the house all day! Someone with anxiety that isn’t able to live there life to the fullest, hates on there self enough because he/she want to do normal day things, don’t make them feel even more worse! 
  3. “Are you even trying anymore?” It doesn’t matter if you’ve been “trying” for 2 months or 2 years, it’s not something we can just turn off and go about with our lives, we would of done that already, thank you! 
  4. I just don’t understand what you’re so afraid of”. Thank you captain obvious! Neither do I!!! 

Things to never say to someone with depression. 

  1. “Seriously, you’re depressed…again?” Depression isn’t something that goes away and stays away forever, if that was the case, the suicide rate would be much less. Depression is not a choice, it sucks. Please do not act like my depression is ruining your day or your time, if it is then you obviously aren’t meant to care about someone with depression.
  2. “Cheer up” lol, I’m fucking trying. It if was that easy,  you wouldn’t feel the  need to be telling me that. 
  3. “I know  exactly how you feel.” No, no you don’t. Even I (someone with depression) does not know how the next person with depression feels. We have similar things that we feel but each one of us has different triggers. So something that upsets you, might not upset me. 

Things not to say to people with schizophrenia. 

  1. “At least you don’t have it that bad”. I don’t care who you are, if you say this, fuck you. I understand that there are multiple different stages of schizophrenia. But I am sorry, hearing voices, smelling things, seeing things, feeling things that are NOT there, is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Please, never say this! 
  2. “Did you take your meds today?” I don’t care what I’m acting like, it is my business and my business only if I took my medication. It is not something for you or anyone else to ask anyone about! I can have a normal pissed off mood or sad day without being off my medication, thank you. 
  3. “Do you even hear me?” Yes I do, but  and I also hear three other fucking people, a dog barking, and static noise racing through my head. Just because things are calm cool and collected in your head, does not mean I’m fine and dandy in mine over here. 

We are emotional, but we get hurt easier, please listen to how you’re wording things before actually saying stuff! We’re human too!!!!  




  1. LyfWithEm · December 23, 2015

    This is so true. More people need to be aware of this because most people are just so ignorant when it comes to mental health. I have anxiety, so I know what people have said to me and it’s not always the best thing.

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