The past few days 

Have been amazing! It’s just been me and my girl hanging with our family and friends.  

  My girl spoiled me with candles, clothes, bath n body, bong, bowl, Xbox one controller, black ops 3, and a new coat! She did so good this year:) 

My family did our “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake tradition that we do every year. I wasn’t sure if we’d keep up the tradition since grandma isn’t around this year, but I guess we are:) 

  My sisters cat, I’m not really a cat person, I like dogs. But I love any animal and this little fella kept coming up to me while I was smoking a cig outside.  

Visiting my moms family was really nice, then we went to my girlfriends moms like we do every year, and then home so my dad can come up.  

This right here ^^^ is the reason I haven’t been on much! My girlfriend and I have been online literally the past two days. We haven’t left the house, friends came and visited and played as well though lol. Our one friend, he got us a new bubbler, that’s always nice lol. 

I so thought I’d have a lot to write about being away for four days and all, but I never know what to type about when I’m actually on here! 

P.S we did NOTA attempt the movies, it was packed on Christmas night, like who the hell goes to the damn movies Christmas night. Like I’m being legit 60 people max! That’s a lot for this town, I wasn’t going to even attempt the awkward ticket buying, seat finding, nervous wreck! 

Until I think of more shit, I’m off to play “The Sims 3″.