Best Christmas presents

So out of all the things I got for Christmas, I thought I’d share with everyone the best things I got and reviews, so maybe you can go check them out! 

I’m a huge candle girl, so first I’ll start with the candles 

  London Tea & Lemon from Bath and Body. This candle is literally the best smell, that’s why it’s in the main room of the house!  

 Me to We Malibu Sunrise. Bought from, and I love it! I didn’t expect for it to be so strong since it’s not that big of a candle. I literally only have to keep it lit for about 10 minutes and my entire house smells like it. Definitely recommended!  

 Black Teakwood by Bath and Body. These candles are $22.50 for one, but definitely worth the money! Each candle has 3 wicks, and they burn so slow! This smells a lot like men body wash, I keep it in the bathroom for about 5 minutes lit, and it’s perfect for hours. 

  Call of Duty Black Ops 3, seriously amazing! If you have an Xbox one and don’t have this game, get it!!! So much better than black ops 2, the only downside, Nuketown is never an option for multiplayer team death match or free for all. I was seriously looking forward to Nuketown. Another downfall, the headsets for Xbox 360 do not work for Xbox One.  

 Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Seriously amazing. I got the whole set, one mini perfume for traveling, one regular size perfume, and one hand lotion for $53.00. Personally, I think it’s definitely worth the money. I’ve used a lot of the mini perfume and it looks brand new still. This has to be one of my favorite perfumes:)  

 My nyx bag! My wonderful girlfriend got me this set from which I honestly had the worst buying experience from, ever. If you are someone who would like these nyx products I would try Walmart or target first. The NYX Wonderstick, is amazing and perfect for contouring, if you don’t have a bunch of money to spend and still want to have a nice contour look, try the Wonderstick for $11.00. NYX Matte Lipstick, is perfect for $6, but not if you’re use to wearing Mac matte, you will be disappointed. I loved it tho because I’m not big into lipstick so this was my first time wearing it, I thought it was amazing. Nyx eyeliner, paid $3.50, and it’s definitely worth more than that!  

 Last because it’s simply my favorite. A teddy bear made from my grandmas clothing. I will never loose this, it’s a little piece of grandma that I’ll forever have. 

If you have any products similar and think I should give them a try, let me know in the comments!!