New Year’s Eve….

     New Years Eve started out just as we planned, my girl and her brother helping me make meatball subs, game was on tv, it was pretty nice. Her brother stayed over pretty late, we took him home around 2am. My girlfriends truck hasn’t been acting right the past few days but it seemed like no biggie. After dropping her brother off, we stopped at McDonald’s in the local town (remind you 3AM), we’re sitting in the drive thru when her truck starts to smoke under the hood. Me of course, I’m freaking out, running across McDonald’s parking lot thinking it’s gonna blow. My girlfriend pops her hood and the engine coolant is just bubbling everywhere! So long story short, we had to sit on the side of the road until my dad came to get us at 3:30am, lol, didn’t turn out the way we planned!!! 

Then New Years Day consisted of me, my girlfriend, and our friend getting too drunk and playing xbox lol. Now if you read my blogs then you know I don’t like to drink, so why did I drink? 

Our friend Rylie can’t smoke pot right now because she just got a really nice job working at a pharmacy and they do randoms like every other week:/ My girlfriend and I of course smoke a blunt but I wanted Rylie to have fun, so we all just started taking shots. 

If I’m gonna drink it can only be one thing, whisky, it’s the only thing I’m nice on. So of course if I’m drinking whisky it’s gonna be jack.  

 That pretty much sums up my New Years weekend! 

It snowed here last night, that’s a plus.