Not too much

It’s rainy and icky, not a lot to talk about today. I’m pretty anxious for tomorrow, my girlfriend and I are driving down to my brothers to watch his kids play basketball. Today sucks though, I was supposed to go to my sisters sons game today but that didn’t happen. I really feel sometimes that I’m in the way, so I just kind of sit and wait to be invited, but I don’t my nieces and nephews thinking I choose not to come, and so on. 

Last night my girlfriend and I made some bomb grilled cheese biscuits  

I made us some cinnamon munchies  

 we had a pretty good day yesterday! 

I did a few driving around today with my girl, decided to share a few pictures with you guys!  

 Headed into town 

 the mountains lol 

 what happenes when your girlfriend borrows your phone:) lol. 


  👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽remember that! 

Until later:) ✌🏼️🤘🏼