30 day writing challenge, day 16! 

Something that you miss

     :/ my grandma, definitely. She passed away over half a year but I’m still not really over it? It kind of never really hit me that I would never see her again. She was really close with my entire family, she is so missed by all of us. I cried at the viewing and funeral but I’ve done more crying on my own. I’ll find myself thinking about old times with her, I’ll hear her giggle or see her smiling when I scratched her back:( oh I’m tearing up just writing this. I’m 21 and only have one grandparent left, my Pappy, my moms dad. He’s in his 80s and I know he has to miss my grandma, his wife. Together over 60 years, they where true love. I’ll never forget my Grandma Jean, wherever you are, I love you!



  1. bluenotebookgirl · January 12, 2016

    I’m sorry for your loss 😦

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