1.5 billion? Okay:) 

    Usually, I’m not that “kind“of person that plays the lottery, but 1.5 billion? My girlfriend and I went out and bought two tickets for ourselves, and she went in with coworkers for 52 tickets. It would be cool if she won at work, but that’d only be a million, but still I’m not complaining. I’m seriously dreaming of the things we’re going to buy if we when the lottery.
First off on our list, a house, finally we could stop renting!     Something a little like this:) log cabin tree house kind of deal💕

  • Secondly, get married at Della Terra Mountain Chateau in Colorado.   
  • Have a kid! We’d finally have the money to do in vitro:)   
  • A Winnebago, our dream is to travel the states with our dog.   Winnebago
  • A new car for me! I want the 2017 VW Tiguan  
  • A pool  with a waterfall cave!   
  • A jet, who wants to a billionaire and not travel to other countries?!   
  • A lot would go to our families as well.   
  • Villalobos Rescue Center, we would love to go to New Orleans and surprise them in surprise with at least a million to help with their fence and center! What Tia and her family do for the dogs in that area is just seriously fucking amazing. My girlfriend and I haven’t watched one episode without shedding a tear.   

What would you do if you won the 1.5 billion?! 



  1. alucardeverlasting · January 13, 2016

    My boyfriend can’t stand the lottery and neither can I but 1.5 billion? Even I’m getting in this shit! My mom is in her lottery pool at work where there’s 60 something tickets and she’s bought several more on her own. She asked me what I’d want if we won 1.5 billion and the first thing out my mouth was I want a Tesla lmao. For some damn reason, that was the first thing that came to mind.

    But in reality my first step would be charity. Specifically children’s hospitals. I will literally not touch the money until I give some of it away.

    Then I’ll indulge myself and the people around me XD And be flying down the street in my Tesla. With enough money I should make Elon Musk engineer it to fly.

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