30 day writing challenge, day 19! 

  Discuss your first love. 
    My fiancé, is hands down my first true love. Of course I had relationships in high school but never anything like what I have with my girl:) You guys know literally everything about her already. We met at gay pride in 2012, fell in love, not right away but pretty damn close. Moved in together after a month of knowing each other, lol. We got engaged after a year, and here we are, July 2016 will be our 4 years, and I seriously couldn’t be happier with our relationship. People always ask, why aren’t you guys married yet? Simply because we don’t want a court house wedding, we want a nice backyard wedding in the mountains, and until we have the money to did it ourselves, we will continue being engaged. We already live together, and have an amazing life together, a piece of paper won’t change that:)