I’m feeling pretty good today. No nightmares last night, no racing thoughts today. I’ve been on my medication for 2 weeks now straight, no missing. And it’s helped a lot I think. My Effexor is what I really needed, it’s my manic depression pill, I feel twenty times better. I even applied for a job! A fucking job, yes. I haven’t worked in over 3 years, but it’s time. I know I’ll have the panic attacks, the shits and puking every morning before my interview and workdays. But it’s time I help my fiancé, with bills, with market items, and so on. 

So not only am I selling Avon, which I would love for any of you to buy from me! Just ask me how! But I also applied for a job at a daycare center, I think it would be the best job for me. I wanted to be a special education teacher, but since all my illnesses took over, that isn’t really a possibility. 

We will see how it goes!

Here’s some pictures of today! 

 We got lovely snow this morning:) it’s still snowing kinda, just flurries. 

  Currently watching the game with my babe. Come on Denver!!!!