Probably won’t be on for a few days.

It’s 1:15 AM, my lovely girl should be home in a while. Just wanted to write and let everyone know I probably won’t be on for the next few days. Nothing bad, just expecting a huge fucking snow storm. If you’re a follower of mine and read my post, then you should already know that I live up in the mountains. When my girlfriend and I first moved here, we weren’t expecting “that” big of a difference, since we both grew up in the little town that’s about 30 minutes down the mountain. We moved in, in November 2013. We witnessed our first snow in the mountains, and man where we amazed by the amount of fucking snow up here gets! Before, when we lived in town (literally 30 fucking minutes down the mountain) the most snow we seen was probably 8 inches…which was probably a lot to us at the time. But now that we live up here with the bears and coyotes, we’re use to seeing 2-4 feet of snow. So now that the news is calling for a huge snow storm for our area…starting tomorrow, I more than likely won’t have power! So far it isn’t looking bad out, probably not even an inch of snow, just a lot of ice. Hasn’t started snowing yet though, this is still from the last snow we got like a 3 days ago!  img_0693

This is what’s streaming across the top of my weather app….img_0710Awesome, Winter Storm Warning from Fri,6pm…until SUNDAY 6AM?! JESUS CHRIST! Okay okay, we can’t be getting that much snow…right?img_0709

  • Today…..80%, 1-3 inches….alright alright.
  • Tonight…100% 8-12 inches…damn
  • Saturday…100% 5-8 inches…dear lord!
  • Sunday…..80% 3-5 inches….okay that’s seriously enough.

So the way I freakin look at it… 3+12+8+5 (because we always get the most)= 28 inches which is like 2.3333333 feet. SO we’re definitely at LEAST getting a foot.

              My fiance and I will be drinking hot co coa, watching netflix, playing bo3, and toking up for these next couple days. Hope everyone stays safe this weekend! If you’re supposed to get a lot of snow like us, definitely drive safe!

             On the plus side of things….took all my meds today:) The freaking APP i told you guys about is helping me SOO MUCH! If you’re new to my blog and take regular medications, you’ve gotta check out the free app in the app store called, “Medisafe”. I seriously even have Austin Powers telling me when to take my meds…seriously, I’m not kidding!  My voices are awake and fully going but it’s starting to not fuck with me as much as it us to, guess I’m starting to finally accept the fact that I have three different “people” talking to me from within my head.

over and out!


  1. dreamingfracture · January 22, 2016

    The snow storm is gonna be so big they’ve been covering it on the UK. BBC news have been aaaall over it.

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