Not feeling too good today

Don’t know what’s going on inside my head today, but I am not liking it at all. I don’t feel depressed, just down in the dumps I suppose. I just feel sad, sad as fuck actually, I can’t stop crying. Usually by this time, I’ve gotten dressed, and at least a little ready for the day. Not today though, I’m still in my pajamas, hair and teeth not brushed, just sitting on the sofa typing this. I don’t know what’s got me down today, but I really wish I did, so I could just “get over it”. You can’t really “get over” something if you don’t even know what’s bothering you, can you? I feel like everything is just wrong today, my head, the way I feel, the way I’m understanding things, all are just “off”. It’s so weird how someone can be fine one minute and then the next day feel so ugh. Maybe it was the night mares from last night? I tried the whole, lucid dreaming thing, which I accomplished….just not the way I wanted it to go. Maybe it’s the fact that there is 4 feet of snow in my driveway, so I’m bound to the house, which I usually wouldn’t mind…but today, I do. I applied for a job about two weeks ago, I was feeling good that day obviously, but I haven’t heard anything back, probably wont. This Avon selling is going pretty well, I guess, just gotta stick with it. Not today though, today isn’t a good day. I haven’t had a bad “head day” in a while now, this sucks, this fucking sucks.

On a side note, I made a little meme thing, using my own pictures. Guess I should listen to it today. I made it with an app called “Font Candy” but the background picture is of the woods around my house.


Hope everyone is having a better day than I am.