Laying here with Hazel, just don’t wanna get up. I’ve got things to do today, I need to get moving.  I feel better than yesterday, but I still don’t feel good. I hate leaving Hazel by herself but I’m going down to my moms to spend the day. I have until 4 to get ready, my dad is gonna pick me up at 4 since my little car can’t drive in the snow.   
She looks so peaceful doesn’t she? I wonder a lot of what animals are thinking about when I look at them. Sometimes I think they no more about life then we do, they just can’t express it. She hasn’t really left my side since yesterday, I think she knew I was upset. I think she still knows I’m upset. 

I’m just really confused lately, about everything and anything. 

I’ll write more later, sorry if I’ve been off the past few days. 



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  1. moreofmoreblog · January 29, 2016

    Great post! 😉

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