Update on today..

So some of you have already read my previous post and know that today just started off pure shit. After writing my post earlier on the couch and checking on Avon, I just felt completely worthless. I moved the laptop to the side, didn’t even close it; and just broke down. Full on sobbing, tears everywhere, nose running like shit, just a completely idiotic mess.

I’m the kind of person that keeps everything in until all of a sudden one thing hits me the wrong way and it all pours out at once. 

Sitting there blowing my nose, I hear something in the driveway. I figured it was a damn raccoon or some shit in the trash, but then I noticed it was a car. I guess how sad I was, I didn’t get scared like I would of any other day lol. I walked to the door and opened it up, bloodshot eyes, puffy ass fucking face, snotty nose; to see my girlfriend standing there looking at me.

She immediately “Oh my god, I knew something was wrong babe.” She had a teddy bear with chocolate in her hand as she hugged me and didn’t let me go.

 I haven’t felt this badly in a long ass time. So to be honest I was worried today by myself but I didn’t want to tell anyone and make them worry. I’m so lucky I have you baby:) Everything happens for a reason, I’m glad you came home just to make sure I was okay. You make everyday so much easier and worth it. I love you Nichole:) You my girl. <<first time putting your name on my blog.
I’m still sad, don’t know why, but I feel better that Nichole is home, sitting beside me.