Doodles and Memes For Today, by me.

So, I’m constantly pinning inspirational memes on my Pinterest. So today I decided, why not make some myself. I found this app called “Notegraphy”, and you type what you want your meme to say, and it lets you pick from a variety of ones to choose. Then I downloaded an app called “Watermark P” to put the “yourenotaloneinthisworld.wordpress” watermark on each image. Let me know if you guys like them or not, and if it seems like you guys like them, I’ll make one everyday to post on here:) A little challenge for myself maybe?

So here’s the two that I made with “Notegraphy” and “Watermark P”,

  • the first one says “Don’t accept the label society has give you, you are you.” I HATE in therapy or any kind of recovery group for mental illnesses it always starts with “My name is C*****, and I’m a paranoid schizophrenic, manic depressive, and I have social anxiety”. No one hears my name, they only hear; “My name is Schizophrenic, Depressed, and Anxious” <<<Does that sound like someone you’d want to spend time with? No, I didn’t think so. I hate that we are labeled. Not only am I labeled with my mental illnesses but also with sexuality? I can’t stand it. I’m me, not the schizophrenic depressed anxious lesbian that society would make me out to be.
  • the second one says “Everyday is a battle & you are your own hero”. I made this because I need reminded every day that I live for myself, no one else. If someone is going to “save” me from my mental illnesses, it’s going to be me, no one else. The battle we fight everyday, is in our own head. No one can fully understand what each one of us is going through, because we’re not in each others heads to understand,you know? So you can’t be expecting other people to just “get it” or “understand” your situation. Even I wouldn’t understand each and every Schizophrenics emotions & actions, only mine. So you have to be your OWN HERO if you want to fight this battle!

Lastly, a little doodle for you all today, it’s a little comic that I’m gonna start doing, it’s called “The Animals After”. It’s about two animals trying to find what all animals/species survived the end of the “world”. I say it like that because “the end of the world” to me is when there isn’t any humans left, the world will still be here, just not the world we know today.  Hope you guys like it:) Please let me know in the comments if you do or don’t. 🙂 I couldn’t figure out how to flip it around, so it’s definitely going to be sideways when I post this:)