Omg, wake up! 

I can NOT wake up for the life of me, and I actually have shit to do today. My mom had surgery so I gotta go down and spend some time with her, it’s the least I can do! When I had both my knee surgerys she did everything for me. I just drank some hot tea with cinnamon, didn’t help the sleepiness. I swear it’s them damn nightmare meds, but I have to take them or I’d be so much worse off. Taking my Vyvanse and hoping in the shower, hopefully that wakes me up because my dad will be here soon. If not, I know that walking outside will wake me up, it’s currently snowing like a bitch outside.  

 Saw this on FB and about died, idk about you but I’m a big fan of Harry Potter so this just made me giggle. Getting off, I can’t stress how badly I need to wake the hell up. 


  1. happyalexx · January 29, 2016

    I love Harry Potter, what house are you in? And I hope you and your mum are okay!

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