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If any of you guys are trying to loose weight or currently working out/eating healthy. My girlfriend belongs to an amazing app called “Burnthis”, if you’ve never heard of it you should definitely check it out! If you already have the app, definitely go follow my lady!!!



March Photo A Day Rules & Picture! 

So for everyone I nominated and whoever wants to participate in the “March Photo A Day Challenge”, I’m going to post the picture here that you will follow for each day, don’t feel that you have to do it, you can definitely skip any day if you’re not comfortable with any category! 


  • Thank the blog who nominated you on your first and last day! 
  • Post a photo each day for that category. 
  • On the last day, I’ll post Aprils photo a day challenge and you can participate in that as well and you can nominate others to join in! 

  Here’s the March Photo A Day Challenge! 

I’m excited for the 16th, I guess I won’t be anonymous anymore! 😬😬😬 oh wells. 



Ahh I freaking did it! 

  Guys!!!! I did it! I had my second interview today which was from 1pm-4pm. I freaking nailed it, and got offered the full position job!   I’m too excited right now! I have a training day Thursday at 1, and then start my first day Saturday. I’ll be working every Saturday n Sunday 3pm-8pm. 

Perfect job to start off with, since it’s online it won’t be too bad on my anxiety. The only thing really bothering me is the “what ifs”, like always, right?! 

Today is the 29th! Happy Birthday to all the leap year people! I think it would be cool for my birthday to be on a leap year, lol. 

My girlfriend went to get us some subs to eat, and to pay her car insurance, so I’m just sitting here waiting for her to return:) 

I’ll be posting a lot tomorrow, I’m already apologizing, that’s how much I’ll be writing tomorrow lol😂😂. 

I’m going to be making a post specifically for the “March Photo A Day Challenge” rules and so on! 

Hope everyone’s having a nice day! Keep your heads up! We’re not alone! 



Recipe for Potato Candy! 

I recently posted pictures of my favorite sweets and one of them was “potato candy” a few people still don’t know what potato candy is! Idk if it’s a thing around my town, but it’s a known recipe here. 

I decided to make a batch of it tonight, so I thought “why not make a post on how to make it!” 

You’ll need: 

  *Plus milk and vanilla extract (if you want)*

  • 1 potato (but you only use half
  • one bag of pure confectioner sugar (you’ll use half the bag!)
  • a jar of peanut butter (only need two spoon full)


  1.       Peel the potato, and put into water. Let boil until the potato is completely soft. 
  2.   Next you’re going to mash the potato, but only use half of the mashed potato for the candy. (The rest I usually throw away or save for the next night dinner
  3.     Next add confectiner sugar and whip. 
  4.   Your mixture will start to look really runny, keep adding confectiner sugar and stirring until the mixture turns into a dough like substance. 
  5.    Once you have the dough like substance, start kneading the dough with more confectiner sugar on a flat surface with your *clean* hands.  It’ll then look like this. Smooth it out. 
  6.   Then spread your peanut butter onto the dough. (Try to not push hard on the spoon, you don’t want your dough too flat)
  7.   Now start to roll up your dough! (I had mine a little too flat, all you need to do is add some sugar under each time you roll over the dough. The more suagr, the less sticky)
  8.    Carefully place the rolled up dough onto a plate. (I used a spatula) Then place the plate into the fridge. 
  9.   After 2 hours (or until somewhat hardened) cut into small long pieces. Then put back into fridge for more time. 
  10. Once the candy is cold and hardened, it’s time to eat! 

Goodnight! Eating some candy and then going to bed! Hope everyone had a good day! 



Pictures from our ride! 

My lady and I went on a very nice ride today:) 

We took a ton of pictures, I’m sorry…there’s gonna be a lot of pictures!!! 

   The sun was setting, everything was so orange! *pictures taken with my IPhone 6*
   On the way up to the top! 
   There’s no edits on these pictures, so crazy how the sun hits the mountains but not the little land down in the mountains. 
   All most to the top! 
 At the tippy top:) I love going up to the top of the mountains on nice days, makes our town look ten times prettier! 

   Coming back down the mountain, we saw a bunch of cows hanging out! Tried to get them in a few shots, they’re the little black and white spots up at the top of the hills! 
  Nice and dark coming back into town! 
Now we’re at my girlfriends moms house, waiting for dinner to be ready! Lasanaga, garlic bread, and salad:) 

Hope everyone’s having a good day! 

Don’t forget if you where nominated for “March Photo A Day Challenge”, it starts Tuesday! 



Probably won’t be on too much today! 

  No need for hot tea and Netflix today! Do you see that temp?! 63!!! Woo! SPRING IS HERE, THANK CHRIST!   Just a patch of snow left to melt! 

My girlfriend and I are getting ready to go into town, go for a little cruise up in the mountains on the other side of the mountain, I’ll definitely take some pictures and post them!!! 

Then going to dinner at my soon to be in laws:) lol. 

Hope everyone is having a good day on this beautiful sunny day! If you’re not, please keep your head up and keep on a truckin! 

Bye y’all:) 



Blog Update and Nominations:) 

  Woke up to this notification! Yay! 1,000 likes!! Thank you guys sooo much!!! I freaking love WordPress, started out writing as a chore from therapy and now it’s a hobby I love doing!! 

I’m going to post the March-Photo-Day Challenge rules and stuff as well as a few nominations for it! 

If you’re nominated, you do not have to participate, completely up to you guys! You can also skip certain days if you’re not comfortable with any day!! 

Also, you may use google for some images, just make sure to give credit where it’s needed! 


  1. thank the nominator in the beginning and last day. 
  2. Be creative! And have fun!! 





February Photo A Day Challenge; Day 28

  Today’s challenge is “sweet”. 
I have a huge sweet tooth, I’m gonna post pictures of every “sweet” I crave!!! 

  Potato Candy! Hands down my favorite thing to make and favorite candy!! 

  Ok I love chocolate cupcakes, but do you see how awesome these Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cupcakes are?! I had to post one with green m&ms since I’m Slytherin!  
 Thirdly, I want this! A monthly subscription to candy club!!!! $35 a month though, for candy! Only reason I’m not getting it!  

 Hands down, my favorite Gummi  bears out there, Haribo Gummi Bears!  

 Cannoli’s! Omg I’d kill to have a Cannoli from Italy, probably sooo much better than the American Version of Cannolis! The chocolate chip ones are my fav!  

 Chocolate Covered Kettle Corn?! Yes please! I love when the fair is in town, I immediately get a bag of kettle corn popcorn!!!  

 Lastly, blueberry lemon cake! Ah it’s to die for! A local ice cream shop use to have blueberry lemon ice cream, and that was what got me into blueberry and lemon. Doesn’t sound too good, but seriously goes together better than pb and j! 


Today’s the last day for February Photo A Day Challenge. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the nominees to be apart of March Photo A Day Challenge! If you’d be interested in participating, comment below, so I don’t forget to tag you tomorrow!!  


February Photo A Day Challenge: Day 27! 

Today’s Challenge: “Something You Ate”. 

       Picture earlier from lunch🙂 

Had some steak n cheese salad with green peppers, onions, steak, 3 cheese, orange peppers, sweet peppers, and I took out the mushrooms😷. Also had a few cheesticks, they’re the best in town…couldn’t pass them😂😂! The cheesticks where the best tho:) 

 Picture from Dinner🙂 

We had some white rice, and I had a special k bar to go with it lol. 
Hope everyone is having a good day! If not,’please keep your head up!!! 


I want to travel, so bad. 

I can’t explain how badly I want to pack a bag, drive somewhere warm, and just start walking. Not stopping until I reached a place I felt whole. Just me, a book bag, a tent, my girl and my dog, I’d be happy as could be. If it was summer, I’d be down for living in a tent until we wanted to start walking again. 

I feel opening up your view of the world is the same as opening up your mind to all new things. 

For example, something I find so beautiful and unique, you may see everyday. So would that mean if I was to travel to see those beautiful and unique things, would I still be depressed and look at the world as I do today? 

I honestly don’t know, but I want to know. Think about all the vacations you’ve taken, all the family trips, and road trips with your friends. Did you feel down that day? I always feel more refreshed and living when I’m on vacation! And then back to shit when I return home. So what if we just eliminated “home”, where we were was our home. Wether it be Canada one day, and Alaska the next.

I wanna just keep walking, setting up a little camp suitable for the weather at the time, trying out life there, keep moving. Once I’m done travelin, I’ll know where I want to spend out my years living! 

Places I want to walk to, day by day, step by step, wether it took me a year, or ten, I’d feel accomplished! 

Of course “The Appalachian Mountains” would be on this list since I live in those Mountains lol.  

 I want a famous picture of me standing on that huge rock that over laps the mountain and hangs off the cliff…you know, this picture  

 have been on multiple mountains like this here at home, but never really hiked one this big and just stood and looked at the view! 

Secondly, I’d love to hike the “Chilkoot Trail”.  

 The Chilkoot Trail starts in Dyea, Alaska and ends in the Bennett, British Columbia, Canada. 

I think I’d stay in Alaska for a little while, then off to Canada to stay for a little while, and then pick up to our next destination. 

This is just a dream for now, one day I’ll hopefully make it happen! 

Do you think your depression and anxiety would decrease of you started over in a new area? Like a whole new world to be honest.