Today wasn’t very enventful; I pierced my second holes in my ears and had dinner with my momma:) I have an obsession with piercings, and needles, they’ve never bothered me, even as a kid. So today I was looking online and see this “double earring” I want, but the earring calls for two holes. At the time I only had my ears pierced and my middle thing in my ear, so I said “screw it”, got up and shoved an earring through. It didn’t hurt too bad, just the sound made me a little sick, lol.  My momma and I got lasanaga, looks yummy don’t it?! This is seriously one serving! No wonder Americans are fat as fuck, this is our one serving! My mom and I both had a plate and there’s left overs for a week! I texted my girlfriend this picture of the lasanaga and she replies “Wtf, here’s a tree branch to go along with your lasanaga” lol it gave me a good chuckle.   

Now I’m home, cuddling with Hazel (my pitbull) and waiting for it to turn 11:10 so I can go visit my girlfriend at work:) I really haven’t done much today so I don’t really have a lot to talk about. I signed up for a few freelancing websites, and applied for a few online jobs on there; hopefully that’ll work out better than other online jobs that turn out to be complete BS. 

Today has been pretty damn good, it started out pissy because I woke up to no cigarettes, but I got them now, and I’m calm:) Also got a kit-kat, so I’m happy!