So in the UK, it’s “Time to Talk”. I am not from the UK but I think it’s amazing that they do this! I was on Gemma’s page and seen she posted about this with a few questions about mental illness from Lusuna. I figured it’d be great to also answer these questions and try and keep this # going! So here are the questions, and my answers!!

1. Have you ever been diagnosed as suffering from a mental illness? If so, which one(s) (if what you suffered from can be labelled – mental illness tends to work on a spectrum – feel free to simply note symptoms)? If not, do you suspect you may have suffered from one?

Yes, I’ve been diagnosed with Social Anxiety, Depression, and Paranoid Schizophrenia.

2. Do you have any friends or family who have suffered from a diagnosed mental illness? Please don’t give their details (it’s up to them whether they wish to share), but, if so, which illness(es)?

Yes, my great grandmother on my mothers side actually spend the rest of her life in a mental hospital that is actually no longer standing. My father’s side of the family also has multiple mental problems, just never diagnosed. 

3. Have you ever experienced anxiety?

Yeah, I’ve always had anxiety; but up until about 2 years ago it’s gotten a lot worse. I believe I’ve developed Agoraphobia over the past years due to multiple panic attacks in public.

4. Have you ever felt depressed? Feel free to elaborate.

Yes. I can be completely fine one day and then the next feel like my whole world is crashing down around me. My depression has many triggers but I can also become very depressed without a trigger…well it seems like there is no trigger some times.

5. Have you ever suffered from stress?

I’ve never been diagnose with anything having to do with stress. But I honestly believe anyone living with mental illnesses experiences stress everyday with their struggle. It’s very stressing knowing that you can have a panic attack at the press of a button, literally.

6. What would you say to a friend who was suffering from some form of mental discomfort or illness?

Try to surround yourself with positive people. Stay clear of all the drugs and alcohol, it just makes it worse. There is never going to be a day that your illness just disappears, the sooner you accept the fact you have an illness, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy your life with your illness. 

7. Have you ever been treated differently because of your mental illness?

Yes!! I HATE when I tell people that I am a schizophrenic, they look at me as I am seriously disabled. 

8. Has your mental illness ever stopped you from doing or achieving something that would have been attainable if you weren’t mentally ill?

Yess omg yes. My dream has ALWAYS been to be a special education teacher. All the way up until I graduated high school. My mother and I went on a tour to the college I wanted to attend so badly…I had a full out panic attack in the middle of the tour, in front of so many people. After that day I knew college on a campus was impossible for me at the time. I decided to take online college classes, which also caused anxiety. Not too sure why or how but just knowing that I had to do things without being taught them by a teacher, just made my anxiety flair. I’ve dropped out of college 3 different times and have been unemployed for about 3 straight years now. If it wasn’t for my anxiety, I KNOW that I’d be a teacher by now.