Random Funnys, Inspirations, and random wants! 

Random Funnys! 

  Lol looks like a birthday party in my home town😂😂!  
  “He doesn’t even go here!” Two for you Glen Co Coa! 
  Oooo Beyoncé, that picture got you! 
  Funny Siri Jokes! 
  Harry Potter Humor! Never know when you’re gonna run into a real Harry Potter  fan! 
  Yes, I will do this one day!!!
  😂😂😂Ganja Humor! 
Some Random Inspiration!  

Random Wants:

  Yes, please! These candles are amazing! They have one for each character!! 
  Some new tapestry!! 
  This basketball coffee/hot cocoa mug! 
  Polaroid printer for pictures on IPhone! 
   Need a new iPhone 6 case!