Thank you friends!! 

  Do you see this?! 100 followers! I can’t thank you guys enough!! You followers have helped me through a lot since I’ve gotten WordPress! It helps so much just reading that I am not alone in this mental health life. You guys probably don’t think that your posts help anyone, BUT THEY DO!! I know I’m not alone when I say that WordPress is helping me!! 
I enjoy all the followers posts and comments I receive from all of you!!! 

Again, THANK YOU!!!  




  1. makingtimeforme · February 11, 2016

    Woohoo. I think that you are awesome and I always look forward to reading your posts!! 🙂

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  2. radicalmermaid · February 11, 2016

    YAS congrats girl!! You deserve it cx

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  3. Gabriela · February 11, 2016

    Yay! Glad wordpress is helping! People are very kind on here I have come to find out. And lol at the Oprah meme haha 🙂

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · February 11, 2016

      It really does help! And everyone that I’ve came in contact with has always been more than willing to help anyway they can! And lol, I HAD to post that one!

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