Valentine’s Date Successful:) 

Our Drive there, my girlfriend took a few pictures:) 

  We ended up going to “Glory Days Grill” it’s a high end sports bar but amazing food!!!! 
It was seriously amazing! I felt so good, took half an Ativan and my Vyvanse before we left, and my anxiety level was so unbelievingly low! I was so shocked at myself! I walked in, we waited maybe a 3 minute wait, we sat down ( had to change seats because I was looking into the crowd of people) once we changed seats I felt even better about being there. 

  I’ve finally ordered my first drink with my ID:) lol I’ve been 21 since June, but anxiety sucks lol. I got a jalapeño drink, I forget what it was called lol, it had Jose Cuervo and some spicy liquor, it was good:) and it calmed my nerves even more which was a huge plus! 

  Got some mozzarella sticks to split:) which honestly I’ve gotta say, thee best mozerlla sticks I’ve ever had! 
This is my meal lol. I got a Maryland crab cake sandwich with a pickle and veggies. I DID NOT ORDER THE FUCKING COLESLAW! Ew. Crab Cake: 7/10 Veggies 3/5 pickle 10/10 lol. 

 This was my girlfriends dinner:) she got a bacon burger, French fries, and Mac n cheese lol. She said it best Red Robins burgers anyday! And that’s saying somethin!  

Felt good paying for our dinner with my own money:) She seemed to like it too:) 

 🙂 we had an amazing date, and even better day! 

Hope everyone had a special day! 




  1. happyalexx · February 15, 2016

    Aw I’m glad you had a lovely time! This was so lovely to read!

    ps. I nominated you for the miranda sings award

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  2. Annabeth · February 15, 2016

    Cool! Glad you had an amazing time! Happy V-day once again! 🙂

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  3. IMPERFECTION IS BEAUTY · February 15, 2016

    How wonderful. Glad is was a success, sounded like a great time

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  4. IMPERFECTION IS BEAUTY · February 15, 2016

    How wonderful. Glad it was a success

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