Monday Mood:/ 

                Hot cup of tea, a cigarette and                  Wordpress…what I’m doing right now. 

            My lady is getting ready to go into     town. We’re planning on visiting my Pap in     the nursing home, visiting both our moms and running into the next state to get cigarettes (they’re cheaper in a state next to us).

         My girlfriend got me this cool little engraver. It works on metal wood and glass, I haven’t tried it on glass yet though. Here’s a mushroom in our table that we both did together last night and today. (Takes a while since it runs off bayteries) Not too bad for $5 at Walmart.   

  My girlfriend and I both went to a Walmart over the weekend!!!! Here’s just a few things, I was too excited that I actually went in, I need a “proof picture”! 

  This is what was in our “blue drinks” from the February photo a day challenge. We took half a bottle of water and added 4 drops of berry blue water flavoring and then added same amount of this happy juice. 

  Last night cuddles, look at that smile. 

 I hope everyone is having a good Monday, if you’re not, keep your head up please!




  1. Annabeth · February 23, 2016

    Cool! Hope you had a nice day! 🙂

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