Product Reviews. 

Today I actually have a few product reviews to do! Which I’m pretty excited about!

  The first one is “Avon Eye Dimensions” in Neutral Haze. I was seriously impressed with this eye shadow. It goes on easily, and doesn’t come off until you clean your face. I purchased this off of myself since I am an Avon Representative, and coudlnt believe how it worked! This is not a cheaply made eye shadow! 
 Secondly, I got a “Crease Brush” from Avon. Also purchased off myself. I was not expecting a high quality brush for $4.99 but I was wrong! The only reason I’m throwing this into the product review is because I have a crease brush from Sephora, that does not compare to this Avon brush!!! $4.99 you can’t beat it!! 

  Thirdly, hands down the best tweezers I’ve used! They’re also from Avon and purchased through me. Definitely not a cheaply made tweezer! Gets those nasty little under skin hairs so easily!!! 
 Lastly for my Avon Bundle is “Avon Super Extend” liquid eyeliner. I’m obsessed with eye liner and constantly trying to find the best one! This is definitely going on my list of top 3! This eyeliner stays on for so long! Hard to smear, and easy to apply a straight line! I’m in love with this eyeliner!!! 

  Lastly is NYX “matte Lipstick” shade is a burnt purple/red. I hate lipstick and can never pull it off but NYX has amazing shades and matte lipstick!!

If you’d be interested in buying any of these products, let me know in the comments. Especially the Avon products, I can help sell the items to you and find you good deals. 

All of these reviews where done by me, no money was made off of these reviews.