8:50am? :/ 

I’m the person who can sleep until 5pm, if you let me. I’m the person that does not wake up before 12pm by myself.  

 I randomly woke up at 8:15, checked my phone, and attempted to fall back asleep. It’s now 8:50 and I’m wide the fuck awake. Wtf is happening?! I didn’t go to bed last night until well after 3AM, how am I awake?! 

My girlfriend isn’t even awake yet, this is so weird! Lol birds are chirping, neighbors are outside, and here I am like “omg shut up!! Go back to bed people!!” 

 Normal people, like my mother and father, are wide awake right now. Doing their thing, probably already ate breakfast and visited at least 2 stores.  Some people are probably just now getting home from work, yeah screw that!!! I seriously believe I have this  

 an excessive desire to stay in bed? Yes sounds like me to a t! Once my girlfriend is awake, I’m a little easier to get up. But I know I’m not a nice person to wake up😂😂. My mother and girlfriend have both told me “you get a little mean when I try to wake you up”. Lol I never intend on being mean, shit I’m asleep, I don’t even remember them trying to wake me up. 

Are you awake?! What time is your “normal” wake up time?

If you say 6-7-8AM, God bless your soul, you’re the real MVP!  

Hope everyone’s having a good MORNING! 

Got a few things to do today 

  • Help my pap move into new home.
  • Visit my mom.
  • Visit my girlfriends mom.
  • Come home! 





  1. Cally · February 27, 2016

    I like this idea. Maybe we should just change the time on our clocks and see what happens. At least we have the weekend to kinda relax and slow down somewhat.Take care Cally.

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