Today’s been a pretty good day! I’ve felt actually amazing today, lol. It started off with the normal routine, get up, shower, brush teeth, blah blah blah. After all that, I went to the bedroom, grabbed my laptop, and prepared myself for an interview over the phone. 

Normally, talking on the phone is extremely hard for me, especially to strangers. So of course, I started to panic at 5 minutes till my interview. Palms sweating, legs starting to shake, I could feel each breath I took getting shorter and shorter. I started thinking in my head “you’re fine, it could be a Skype call and she could be seeing you”, “if you need to freak out, just mute the phone, you’re okay”. 

Next thing I know as I’m sitting there literally talking to myself, the house phone starts to ring. I immediately pick it up not two rings later: 

“Hello:/” – ME

“Hi is this C***** ? – Lady

“Yes, this is her”- ME

“Great! My name is A***** and I’m going to be interviewing you today! Hang on I can’t find my pen, oh man…hang on:/ ermm okay I got my pen, sorry about that!” – LADY.

^^^ and right there is when all my anxiety completely left my body. This experienced woman who is hiring people, just completely messed up at the beginning of the interview, called herself out on it, and didn’t give two fucks! That is what I want to be like, just laughing about how I’m totally not #winning right now, instead of freaking out and about bursting into tears! 

The interview went amazing and I ended up feeling amazing after that call! My girlfriend kept saying how proud she was of me, which was awesome to hear! 

After my interview, we drove down the road a bit and went to the market. 

Yes I also went into a market today, I’m on a fucking roll!! 😂😂

After the market, we had a nice visit with my girlfriends grandparents. Then we had an amazing healthy dinner that my girlfriend made!  (we’re doing this new thing called “eating healthy and working out”) totally sucks but oh well, summer is coming, right? 

 Going to make myself a hot cup of tea, curl up on the sofa with my lady, and enjoy our show on Netflix! (The Returned) 
Hope everyone had a good day, if not, keep your head up!! Just remember know matter how much you feel like it, you’re not alone in this world!! 





  1. radicalmermaid · February 28, 2016

    Haha glad the interview went well!

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  2. Annabeth · February 27, 2016

    Nice to hear you had a great day! Glad the interview went well! 🙂

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