February Photo A Day Challenge; Day 28

  Today’s challenge is “sweet”. 
I have a huge sweet tooth, I’m gonna post pictures of every “sweet” I crave!!! 

  Potato Candy! Hands down my favorite thing to make and favorite candy!! 

  Ok I love chocolate cupcakes, but do you see how awesome these Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cupcakes are?! I had to post one with green m&ms since I’m Slytherin!  
 Thirdly, I want this! A monthly subscription to candy club!!!! $35 a month though, for candy! Only reason I’m not getting it!  

 Hands down, my favorite Gummi  bears out there, Haribo Gummi Bears!  

 Cannoli’s! Omg I’d kill to have a Cannoli from Italy, probably sooo much better than the American Version of Cannolis! The chocolate chip ones are my fav!  

 Chocolate Covered Kettle Corn?! Yes please! I love when the fair is in town, I immediately get a bag of kettle corn popcorn!!!  

 Lastly, blueberry lemon cake! Ah it’s to die for! A local ice cream shop use to have blueberry lemon ice cream, and that was what got me into blueberry and lemon. Doesn’t sound too good, but seriously goes together better than pb and j! 


Today’s the last day for February Photo A Day Challenge. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the nominees to be apart of March Photo A Day Challenge! If you’d be interested in participating, comment below, so I don’t forget to tag you tomorrow!!  




  1. gettingthroughanxiety · February 28, 2016

    The Cannoli’s look good. What’s potato candy?

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · February 28, 2016

      What’s potato candy?! Omg it’s only the best thing in the world. You take a potato, mash it up, and then mix it with confectionary sugar, until it becomes like a dough, and then roll it out, spread peanut butter across it and then roll it up like burrito, and cut it into little pieces, put it in the fridge to get hard.

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