Pictures from our ride! 

My lady and I went on a very nice ride today:) 

We took a ton of pictures, I’m sorry…there’s gonna be a lot of pictures!!! 

   The sun was setting, everything was so orange! *pictures taken with my IPhone 6*
   On the way up to the top! 
   There’s no edits on these pictures, so crazy how the sun hits the mountains but not the little land down in the mountains. 
   All most to the top! 
 At the tippy top:) I love going up to the top of the mountains on nice days, makes our town look ten times prettier! 

   Coming back down the mountain, we saw a bunch of cows hanging out! Tried to get them in a few shots, they’re the little black and white spots up at the top of the hills! 
  Nice and dark coming back into town! 
Now we’re at my girlfriends moms house, waiting for dinner to be ready! Lasanaga, garlic bread, and salad:) 

Hope everyone’s having a good day! 

Don’t forget if you where nominated for “March Photo A Day Challenge”, it starts Tuesday! 





  1. Yocasta ❤ · February 29, 2016

    Very pretty photos. Love seeing the orange tinted skies.

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  2. Annabeth · February 29, 2016

    Nice pictures! Glad you enjoyed your ride!

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