The Spotlight Movie Tag! 

  Thanks to B.G.from over at Getting Through Anxiety for tagging me and creating this awesome movie tag!! 
The Rules: 

  • Post this image into your post! 
  • Tag whoever you want!
  • Have fun!!! 

The Questions:

🔹Uh oh, not again! What’s a movie that you think is too predictable?   

Definitively “The Hangover Part 2”! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie, but it was way to much like the first one! 

🔹I can’t believe I’m crying! What’s a movie that made you cry or loose it?   

Lmfao, well honestly, I cry at every freakin movie there is out there! I’m a very emotional person, if you cry or have a very emotional moment near me, I’m gonna tear up! It’s definitely embarrassing when people are like “um, are you crying?!” And like *sniffs* “no, somethings in my damn eye!” 

But “I am Legend” was probably one of the hardest when his dog died and when he would loose it and talk to the manicans, oh lord I’d ball! 

🔹Ah, the simplest things make me laugh! What’s a movie that even the smallest of comments in it make you crack up?   

 I’m going to have to say “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective”! Anything with Jim Carrey makes me die, but this one is hands down his best movie in my opinion! 

🔹I don’t care if this movie is animated, I still love it! What’s an animated movie that you love? 

I’m gonna have to say Flubber, even though it’s not fully animated, it kind of is:) 

🔹I don’t care if this might not be possible in real life, I love this movie anyway! What’s a sci-fi movie that you love?   

 Hmmm…Harry Potter definitely! 

🔹Ugh this movie is awful! What movie did you not like at all? 

 Definitely “Hot Tub Time Machine”, this movie got so much hype, for being awful! I couldn’t stand this movie, sorry to those who enjoyed it! 

🔹What’s a romantic comedy that you really like?   

I’m going to have to say, “The 40 year old Virgin”! This movie is definitely a romantic movie and has an awesome love story background, but at the same time hysterical! 

🔹What’s a great horror movie? 

I love scary movies but the Conjuring really terrified me! It’s definitely a great watch if you’re a fan of horror movies! 

🔹What’s a movie that was made from a book that you really like?   

“It’s kind of a funny story” was one of my favorite books, and then it got turned into a movie, which is an awesome movie!! 

🔹What’s a horror movie that you found more stupid than scary?

Definitely anything Michael Myers or Freddie vs Jason stuff, I don’t find them scary, at all. Guess because of how old they are? Idk. 

🔹Really, this is it?  Whats a movie that you were highly disappointed with?

I was totally disappointed with the last Twighlight. Didn’t at all go anyway I thought it would. 


Blogger Recognition Award! 

Thank you to B.G. over at Getting Through Anxiety! She nominated me for this award a while back, and I’m just now catching up on awards! Thank you again! If you’re not already following B.G, definitely go give her page a view!


  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two advice to new bloggers.
  • Thank whoever nominated you and prove a link to their blog.
  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.


Why did I start writing this blog?

I began writing this blog because it was suggest by my therapist to blog about my anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. At first, I was hesitant to share any information about myself and my “mental health problems”.  I honestly never thought that I’d be able to find myself being comfortable and connecting to strangers from around the world.

I also didn’t really expect to find so many people suffering from the same exact things I suffer from. Getting my blog and continuing to write and read others posts, has really helped me come out of my “shell” here on WordPress. I’ve gotten over the fear and posted pictures of the real me, I gave the first letter of my name, C:)

I’m really content with the way WordPress Bloggers have helped me. Reading some of your posts, that you probably think no one cares about, I can relate to…it really helps me.

I continue to write in my blog everyday and continue to comment and read others posts is because “why stop something that’s helping me?” It’s a little different than a diary, you know someone is reading it, you know it may be helping someone. I can go back and read the days that were difficult for me, and realize how stronger I have become since starting this blog:)


Advice for new bloggers: 

  1. Don’t care about who’s reading your posts. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 views or 1000 views. Writing how you feel and the honest truth about how you feel, is going to help you in the long run. I never care if one of my posts that took me hours to write only has 2 views and the post that took me literally 3 minutes to write has 100 views. Those 2 views on that long insane post about how awful your day has gone, you may have really helped those 2 views. Every time I see someone like one of my more sad post, I hope I helped them, I hope they could relate. Also, when I first got my blog I was so worried about being judged! Trust me, no one on here is judging you, not in the mental health corner at least! We’re all on here for a reason, whether it’s to vent, make friends, or seek help, we’re all here for each other!
  2. Be yourself! Write about something, you’d like to write about. Not what others want you to write about, not what is going to get the most views, and not what is going to make others happy. This is YOUR blog, and it can be about anything YOU want it too! Don’t be worried about who/what is going to read  your blog, be open, be yourself, and most of all be comfortable with your blog and your followers!


My Nominees (in no order):

  1. Sparkle&Shine: Writes about Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle.
  2. Moonlight Psychology: Writes about psychology, therapy, workshops,tips, news and videos.
  3. Tabbi:
  4. It’s just me, Josie.: Writes about mental health problems and life.
  5. PixieCake: Writes about her life, and more!
  6. Musings of An Insomniac.: “Late night thoughts of a fool”
  7. Reinventing My Creative Mind.: “Carving out space for creativity-one day at a time”
  8. Starrlet: writes about all kinds of things, definitely worth a read.
  9. Imperfection is Beauty: writes about a lot including art, mental health, and more.
  10. I Am My Own Island:“Because we all need to find a way to live with ourselves”
  11. Making Time For Me: “I am a wife, and mother. Just trying to handle the day to day, while working on myself from the inside out.”
  12. Bibliophile: Writes about a lot of different things, worth a read!
  13. Emily Mae: Honest Reviews and More!
  14. Happy Alexx: amazing writer, writes about mainly everything, definitely worth a read!




April Photo A Day Challenge Nominees!!! 

Hey everyone! 

I’m so excited for the “April Photo A Day Challenge”! I made a few posts asking everyone to comment if they were wanting to do this challenge, thank you to everyone who wanted to participate! 

Okay, so here are the nominees for the challenge: 

  1. B.G. over at “gettingthroughanxiety“. 
  2. Tabbi over at “butterflies and lollipops” 
  3. AnxietyGirl365
  4. PixieCake over at “pixiecake blog
  5. Renee over at “homeandlovingit
  6. Annabella & Kate over at “Annabellasays

Again, thank you to everyone who is participating in this challenge, if you’d like to participate, and forgot to ask, go ahead!! 

If you don’t feel like doing a day, go ahead and skip! The whole point of this challenge is to have fun, and maybe go outside of our “anxiety bubble” to get some good photos! 



Good Dinner with my lady! 

 Nice dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with my lady:) 

It was terrifying the first 10 minutes because the place was terribly packed with people. The waitress sat us at a table that was kind of by itself, which helped a lot! 

Nikki and I ended up having to switch spots because I was facing the crowd of people and was getting so nervous. 

As soon as we switched places, I felt a lot better about being there, and really enjoyed myself! 

Plus I think I made Nikki happy again by going out again:) 

Successful Night! 

Need to do this more!!! 



My town made it on World Star. 

I’m from a little small farm town, nestled down in the mountains, not a lot of people. Big cities close to us, don’t really know we exsist, well until recently. 

 This is as big as our “city” gets.  
We’ve had 3 strong armed robberies this week, ITS FREAKING TUESDAY! 

I woke up today to see that the town right up the street is all over the news, “FSU party makes it onto WSHH (world star) after roof collapsed”. 

This “party” had over 400 people (our town ain’t got 400 people!!!) and they where jumping on roofs and made them fall, 4 people were seriously injured. 

I’m sure you can find the video easily on the web, I don’t know how to post videos on here yet, still learning!! 

Try this! —It should be the video lol. 

Have a lot of catching up to do on challenges and awards, my apologies! 

Going out to dinner with my lady tonight:) 


Happy Easter!!! 

Happy Easter everyone, I hope y’all can be surrounded by people who enjoy your presence! Whether it be family, friends, or maybe even coworkers, I hope y’all have a good day! 

My day today will include: 

  • Going to my sisters for a tiny bit. 
  • Going to Nikkis moms for a tiny bit. 
  • Returning home to work! 

Not a very excited day, but the first two things will be awesome! 

The other day Nikki and I babysat my sisters two youngest kids and it was a blast dying eggs and having an Easter egg hunt with them! 

My youngest niece has a black bunny, I figured I would go ahead and give him some food since his bowl was empty and upside down. This little fucker (excuse my language) messed my hand up!!!  

 He must of been hella hungry that’s all I can say lol. I guess bunnies don’t like me as much as dogs lol. I no longer trust that damn bunny, enough said.