Happy International Woman’s Day 2016! 

   Women all over the world, every race and nationality, we need to remember, we’re capable of any damn thing:) 
My girlfriend and I where talking about this yesterday, the sports in this world suck for women. Why is there not a professional football team for women? Oh and please don’t say “there is!” Because no, there fucking isn’t, we have girls running around playing “football” with half their clothes off, excuse me that’s not fucking football…and I’m pretty sure it’s even called “lingerie football”. Why does every sport women are involved in, have to be sexist as hell. 

There’s no women’s hockey team, and I’m sure if there was they’d be wearing hardly anything. 

Men tend to say “woman can’t play football, they’d get hurt”. Calm down, there is such thing as padding, and have you never watched women’s soccer or basketball? They’re hostile as shit, you don’t see padding on them? Poor football players 😂😂😂. 

And when men say “Women are too big of cry babies to be in a professional football league, they’re too emotional” please let me remind you:  

Go women! 





  1. lilyoxo · March 9, 2016

    Amazing post! Equality is the best xxx

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  2. happyalexx · March 8, 2016

    I love how you talked about feminism, but used something you were interested in to make a unique point about it. Happy International Woman’s Day – girls are great.

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