7 photos 7 days challenge: day 6. 

  Today is my 6th day for the Day 7 Challenge. 
Rules: post 7 pictures each day for 7 days. Nominate a new person each day!! 

Today I’m going to post 7 pictures from my childhood/family flashbacks.

  Little C:) 
  My nephew and I are 6 years apart but share the same birthday. Here we are at his 5th, my 11th bday party.  
 And then here we are at my 21st birthday and his 15th last year. 

  This is my siblings and I at my High School Graduation.  
 My neice and I, at her High School Graduation. 

 My pap and I. 
Today I nominate: Happy Alexx




  1. happyalexx · March 9, 2016

    thank you so much for the nomination x

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