7 day Challenge: day 7!!

  Today is my last day of doing the 7 day challenge! Thank you again Making Time For Me for nominating me for this challenge!! If you’re not yet following her, go check out her amazing blog! 
The rules: 

  • Post 7 pictures for 7 days 
  • Nominate a new person each day.!

Today I’m posting pictures of my girlfriend and I over the past year.   ^^April 16, 2015.  ^^ ^^May 25th, 2015.^^

 ^^May 31st, 2015^^

 ^^June 27th, 2015^^ 

 ^^July 26th, 2015^^

 ^^August 1st, 2015 ^^ ^^January 17th, 2016 ^^

Today I nominate: Musings Of A Girl to participate in the 7 day challenge; completely up to you!! If you do decide to do the challenge, please let me know!!