Around the world in barley a minute tag! 

Thank you Making Time For Me for nominating me for this tag, if you’re not already following her, definitely a blog worth reading. 

I haven’t heard of it until now, but it seems like an awesome tag!!


  • Showcase the picture above.
  • Thank the blog who nominated you.
  • Show off a pic or name all the countries that your visitors are from (2016). 
  • Tag 5 people to participate! 

My visitors for 2016 come from:



My 5 Tags Are: 

  1. BG over at Getting Through Anxiety
  2. Mental Truths
  3. Not The Average Mama
  4. Jade K Moore
  5. Any other follower who’d like to participate! 





  1. gettingthroughanxiety · March 12, 2016

    I’ll totally do this later. Need to take a break from the internet for now. I just nominated you for another award!

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