Most of you already know that I got a job about two weeks ago, for Saturday’s and Sunday’s. I definitely still have the job and it’s going great, but now I have another job! My girlfriend and I just started working for our friends company, cleaning city buildings like the City Hall, etc. Today was our first day of “training”, it went really well. I really enjoyed being able to work with Nikki (my girlfriend), it really helped my anxiety going into the buildings. Our “boss” is really understanding of my anxiety as well, since she knows Nikki and I personally.


This job seems perfect for my anxiety, I think it’ll help me with getting use to going into work and being around “some” strangers (I’m talking like 3-4). Nikki and I both will be working M-F together, plus my Saturday-Sunday job online.

Tomorrow I have to work at the online job, so 3-8 I won’t be able to write or be on WordPress at all. BUT before I go into work I have a few things to write about tomorrow including a few challenges I need to write (I’m slacking)!!!

Tomorrow will also be my first day of participating in the :”The B.G. Getting Through Anxiety Talent Blog Challenge”!  So be on the lookout for that tomorrow!!

Hope everyone has had a good week and a good Friday!!!!


Now going to watch Sandlot 2 with my lady, we’ve never seen the 2nd one, it better be just as good as the first one.






  1. eponetara · March 12, 2016

    Well done! That’s fantastic news. Make sure you build on this success!

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