The B.G. Getting Through Anxiety Talent Blog Challenge. Day 3. 

 Thank you again to B.G. from Getting Through Anxiety for this awesome challenge!! 


  • This challenge is for five days. On each day, name a positive talent that you have and why it’s such a great thing! Also, let us know how you can use this talent to help other people! (Also can post once with 5 things if you only want to do for one day)
  • Tag whoever you want to participate! There is no minimum or maximum amount of people you need to tag! If you want, you can tag everyone!
  • Have fun and realize that you are talented.
  • Let BG know if you participate, she would like to see your answers!! (As I would too!!)

Today is my 3rd day for this challenge! 

My third talent would have to be, Swimming. I’m pretty good at swimming, actually I’m pretty damn good at swimming. 

I love the water, I’m definitely a mermaid in a different life.  

I’ve always loved swimming, I’ve never swam on a professional team, but I think it would of been really fun if I would of. I might of even went far in life as a swimmer.  

I can use this talent to help a lot of people, and animals! There is such thing as Swimming Therapy for people that are physically challenged, animals that have been hurt, etc.  

Hope everyone is having a good day, my heads a little off today. 






  1. gettingthroughanxiety · March 15, 2016

    Great talent!

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