200 Followers Q&A’s!!

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Wow! I still can’t believe my blog has gotten 200 followers and still growing! I never expected to be this “into” writing on a blog, but it’s amazing “therapy” for me!

I asked in a post for some people to ask questions for me to answer for when this time came!!

Thank  you to everyone that follows “yourenotaloneinthisworld“, I wouldn’t be able to write all of this stuff comfortably if it wasn’t for the ones who have spoken up about their problems as well!

My Questions From Followers:

Q:”What is your top coping strategies to handle your anxiety?”-Anxiety Girl

             A:” My top coping strategies would have to be;

1- Music whether it’s soft classical, hard rock, screaming metal, rap, r&b, or calming sounds; just put your headphone on, close your eyes and listen. It takes my mind off of everything “insane”, for a little while at least. I usually use music when I can feel my anxiety starting to flare up, like hot face, sweaty palms (the warning signs).

2-Herbal Teas, my favorite brand would probably have to be “Tazo Calm Chamomile Tea”, I promise it really helps calm me down. This is usually something I do either at night time before bed with my “night-time” meds, to help me fall asleep more calm and relaxed!

3-My Phone/A Book/A Tablet: anything that can keep your mind off of whatever is making your anxiety act up. For example, I keep a few magazines in the backseat of my car at all times, because it’s seriously saved my ass a few times. I don’t know how many times Nikki and I would go to the market, with me all prepared to go in, and then we get there and it’s fully packed! Now, we’re already there, I’m obviously not going to make her drive home, so I just sit in the car. Well I don’t know about you but just sitting, by myself in a car, surrounded by strangers, kinda freaks me out! So I’ve learned that taking my phone (with full battery and games on stock), or a magazine with fun little games and short stories; just so my mind can be at peace with what I’m doing. Sometimes I’ll even keep the car running with the A.C or Heat on full blast, it really helps block out all the noises around you outside! “

Q: “Favorite thing about blogging?” && “How do you deal with anxiety?”-Radical Mermaid!

A: “The other stories. I don’t think, I know I wouldn’t of been as comfortable showing my face, or even writing about all my problems, if it wasn’t for all the incredible stories that are shared on here! I have gotten so much advice from so many people around the world, because of one little website on the computer. Honestly, the stories that you all share has helped me more in this past year than any “doctor” has helped me in the past 8 years of living with a mental illness. It’s all because most of you mainly know what I’m going through, whether it’s anxiety, depression, or even schizophrenia; there’s someone on here that we all can relate to, in one way or another.”

“To answer the other question, my girlfriend Nikki and my dog Hazel, help me a lot! But I’m also prescribed to a few medications (try 6) to help with all of my mental illnesses. I try and meditate every day for 30 minutes as well, it helps my mind a lot with anxiety and depression too”.

Thank You again to everyone who has followed my page, stumbled upon and gave me a like or a comment, I appreciate everything!

  If you’d like to me a question and forgot, go ahead and ask in the comments below and I’ll make another post with the answers:)

I hope everyone is having a good day, I’m about to go to work:)




  1. Ivy Willow · March 21, 2016

    Beautiful sunshine ^.^ Congrats on 200!!
    I’m totally stealing your questions idea btw. I’m about 30 away, so yeah, it’ll still be a minute, but hey ^.^
    I’ve loved reading what you’ve had to say, and am grateful for the experiences you’ve shared in your life. In kind to what you’ve stated, my blog has helped me learn, cope, and understand so much, because there are so many others out there that write their struggles as well, and yours is one of the blogs that has helped me.
    I’m proud of you for putting your life out there, I know it’s scary, but as well as getting help from others, you are also helping others. I hope you continue writing, and I hope you continue getting so much help from other’s writings.
    Have a beautiful, beautiful day sunshine, take gentle care of yourself, and many congratulations to you.

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · March 21, 2016

      Thank You!!! Not my question idea,
      I too stole it from someone haha:) thank you for all the kind words, glad yourenotaloneinthisworld is helping more than just me!

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  2. anxietygirl365 · March 19, 2016

    Awesome post! I love your ideas for coping with the anxiety. Tea is a big one for me too… it’s so nice to just enjoy it. I love Yogi because the tea bags have inspirational messages on them 🙂

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  3. happyalexx · March 18, 2016

    Ahhhhh congratulations, you deserve this so much! And great answers!

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  4. Bibliophile · March 18, 2016

    Congrats! 😀
    My question: who is your source of inspiration?

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  5. gettingthroughanxiety · March 17, 2016

    Great answers!

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