Wanna Go! 

I want to just go, leave this place that I’ve known my whole life and start over somewhere new. I want to see things my grandmother did not before she passed away.  

 I don’t want to be the other person from my family to die in this awful town that we grew up in. This town is all we know, there is so much more to life than staying in one place your whole life, it makes no sense to make at all. 

I’m not materialistic, give me a tent and a book bag, I think I’ll do fine for a while until I figure out some stuff. 

  I hate having this conversation “you need money for this”, “you need a way to get there”. I’m sorry but I disagree, i don’t need money to eat, there’s rivers and lakes all over the damn place, wild animals all over the place. I can fish, I can start a fire, I could build me some shelter when needed.  

 People telling me “Idk C, I don’t think you should do it”, makes me want to go 30x more to prove to my father, mother, and everyone else who swears I wouldn’t make it.  

 I’m sorry I don’t want to live the life my parents and grand parents have lived. Settling down, having kids, go to work, pay bills, die. No fucking thank you, that is not what we’re meant to do with our lives. Example, work, money, bills…all man made shit, that’s not why where here, and that’s not what I’m going to do with my life.  

 I will live my life the way I plan, if that means packing my bag n jumping on the back of a train, than so be it.  

 I’m ready to be happy in the woods, away from society, seeing what this earth has to offer, living straight from this world like it’s supposed to be.  

 Sorry just needed to vent for a minute. My girlfriend isn’t too crazy on this idea, but I know she’d love it once it was just us n our dog, no job, no worries, living off the land that we where given. 




  1. ylee21 · March 23, 2016

    You echo my sentiments exactly. Also the sentiments that I know people I love would think if I did up and leave. Also my husband would be sad. But interestingly he understands that this is who I am and accepts that this is what would make me most happy. Cest La 🙂

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  2. dreamingfracture · March 21, 2016

    I don’t think that this is a bad idea, but I do think it takes some planning and prep to do it right. Living off the land is by no means easy and I always think you need to go into it with a bit of a plan, whether it’s to become self-sufficient or walk to a certain end goal or whatever. I am also an advocate of moving away from close family. I don’t think it’s great for the mind and spirit to live in the pocket of those that raised you.

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