My town made it on World Star. 

I’m from a little small farm town, nestled down in the mountains, not a lot of people. Big cities close to us, don’t really know we exsist, well until recently. 

 This is as big as our “city” gets.  
We’ve had 3 strong armed robberies this week, ITS FREAKING TUESDAY! 

I woke up today to see that the town right up the street is all over the news, “FSU party makes it onto WSHH (world star) after roof collapsed”. 

This “party” had over 400 people (our town ain’t got 400 people!!!) and they where jumping on roofs and made them fall, 4 people were seriously injured. 

I’m sure you can find the video easily on the web, I don’t know how to post videos on here yet, still learning!! 

Try this! —It should be the video lol. 

Have a lot of catching up to do on challenges and awards, my apologies! 

Going out to dinner with my lady tonight:)