The Spotlight Movie Tag! 

  Thanks to B.G.from over at Getting Through Anxiety for tagging me and creating this awesome movie tag!! 
The Rules: 

  • Post this image into your post! 
  • Tag whoever you want!
  • Have fun!!! 

The Questions:

🔹Uh oh, not again! What’s a movie that you think is too predictable?   

Definitively “The Hangover Part 2”! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie, but it was way to much like the first one! 

🔹I can’t believe I’m crying! What’s a movie that made you cry or loose it?   

Lmfao, well honestly, I cry at every freakin movie there is out there! I’m a very emotional person, if you cry or have a very emotional moment near me, I’m gonna tear up! It’s definitely embarrassing when people are like “um, are you crying?!” And like *sniffs* “no, somethings in my damn eye!” 

But “I am Legend” was probably one of the hardest when his dog died and when he would loose it and talk to the manicans, oh lord I’d ball! 

🔹Ah, the simplest things make me laugh! What’s a movie that even the smallest of comments in it make you crack up?   

 I’m going to have to say “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective”! Anything with Jim Carrey makes me die, but this one is hands down his best movie in my opinion! 

🔹I don’t care if this movie is animated, I still love it! What’s an animated movie that you love? 

I’m gonna have to say Flubber, even though it’s not fully animated, it kind of is:) 

🔹I don’t care if this might not be possible in real life, I love this movie anyway! What’s a sci-fi movie that you love?   

 Hmmm…Harry Potter definitely! 

🔹Ugh this movie is awful! What movie did you not like at all? 

 Definitely “Hot Tub Time Machine”, this movie got so much hype, for being awful! I couldn’t stand this movie, sorry to those who enjoyed it! 

🔹What’s a romantic comedy that you really like?   

I’m going to have to say, “The 40 year old Virgin”! This movie is definitely a romantic movie and has an awesome love story background, but at the same time hysterical! 

🔹What’s a great horror movie? 

I love scary movies but the Conjuring really terrified me! It’s definitely a great watch if you’re a fan of horror movies! 

🔹What’s a movie that was made from a book that you really like?   

“It’s kind of a funny story” was one of my favorite books, and then it got turned into a movie, which is an awesome movie!! 

🔹What’s a horror movie that you found more stupid than scary?

Definitely anything Michael Myers or Freddie vs Jason stuff, I don’t find them scary, at all. Guess because of how old they are? Idk. 

🔹Really, this is it?  Whats a movie that you were highly disappointed with?

I was totally disappointed with the last Twighlight. Didn’t at all go anyway I thought it would. 



  1. Rosypop · April 1, 2016

    Love this post soo much! Thank you for tagging me – I can’t wait to do this 😊 x

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  2. gettingthroughanxiety · March 31, 2016

    Thanks for participating! You did a great job! I LOVE I am Legend and I hated when he had to kill his dog! Flubber is a good movie too! I’ve never seen Ace Ventura, Pet Detective!

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