Reblogged: “Contest Time!”

Originally posted by Chanel Bailey

“The Real Life / Real Talk is holding its first contest!!  Sign – Up as an e-mail subscriber for a chance to get your business, book, ministry, charity or even a story you would like to share featured on the site! Here are the Rules: Sign up as a new subscriber between now and […]



  1. LilacVelvetCupcake · April 4, 2016

    😂 okay, feel free to delete that comment. I went to comment on your other post ‘goodnight’, but it posted here instead! 😳🙈

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  2. LilacVelvetCupcake · April 4, 2016

    I once got drunk with my sister at my house, it was my birthday. When I woke I discovered she had drawn a penis on my forehead with bright pink lipstain. I got her back…

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