Good New Show To Watch! 

  Nikki (my girlfriend) and I saw this pop up on Netflix and immediately thought it would be a good show to watch since it’s about a close country family on a farm. 

 Plus it has Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson from “That 70’s Show”, which is one of my favorite tv shows.  

We’re only on the second eposide but so far I absolutely love it!  

 Let me know if you enjoy this show!! 

all pictures found on Google images. 

Going to bed, night! 





  1. gettingthroughanxiety · April 14, 2016

    I’ve never seen this but I did watch the whole That 70s Show series on Netflix which was pretty good. Did I ever mention how great Haven is? Sorry if I did. I know I told someone about it yesterday.

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