Reblogged: “When The Bluebird Sings” (Trigger Warning -Suicide)

Originally posted by A Journey With You, if you’re not already, please go follow her blog! 

I came across her post today and had to share it. For someone who suffers from a Schizophrenia, I could relate to this post so much, it also made me even shed a tear. 

Please take the time if you or you know someone who suffers with Schizophrenia, I promise it is worth the read! 

“The bluebird is a messenger of the Divine. They fly side by side with angels. (From Universe of Symbolism) I just hung up the phone from talking to my brother. One of his friend’s, daughter also had schizophrenia. Sing me a song bluebird. I say had, because she found a gun, found the cartridge, put […]