Testing my anxiety. 


 sitting in my car, waiting for Nikki to get done her errands for her job. Usually I wouldn’t I have a problem with sitting in the car while she does her shit, today is different. 

It’s really starting to be nice outside  74degrees:) 

 This means, there is people everywhere, walking on the sidewalk, hanging out on the street, sitting in their cars like me, ahhhhhh it makes me want to scream and hide the fuck under my seat! 

To be honest, I’m writing this to keep my brain off the fact that there is 3 cars full of people right next to me! I have the AC on full blast, and music turned up, keeps my focus off of people and the AC helps calm me down!  

 Nikki please hurry up, ahhhh! 

We’re at the bank right now, then to the market (across the street), and then to the candy store:) lol.  

  To my left! 

  Behind me^^
 To my right^^. 
Ah thanks for reading this post of nonsense:) 



  1. hazelhillboro · April 30, 2016

    *hug* anxiety is one of my very least favorite things. Sorry you had to struggle today. 😕

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  2. anxietygirl365 · April 20, 2016

    Good job pushing yourself but also taking care of yourself by listening to music and distracting your thoughts! I hope it went by quickly and that you got to enjoy part of the outing 🙂

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  3. happyalexx · April 19, 2016

    I hope everything turned okay, you did a great job and sometimes I think writing it all down, as you’re experiencing the panic can really help. Music always helps me too! 🙂

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  4. Aunt Tabbi · April 19, 2016

    Sorry that you had anxiety issues today! That sucks. I hate waiting in the car. It always makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s 74 there is almost 84 here! I think we skipped spring and jumped into summer. Yuck. I so love spring.

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  5. gettingthroughanxiety · April 19, 2016

    I’m sorry you are feeling anxious. I know that usually I’m fine in the car too, but sometimes I get really anxious waiting! Stay strong!

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