Yesterday’s April Photo A Day Challenge: Day 18! 

  Yesterdays challenge: “Your idol”. 

This is obviously going to be my parents. 

 My father and mom have to be my biggest idols. They’ve been separated for a while, but just because they don’t talk, they’re still both there for me. 

My mom is probably the biggest supporter/role model I’ve had throughout my life. She’s always there for me, she always knows how to make me feel good about myself and my life. My mom has been through a lot in her life, and she is one hell of a strong woman. I hope one day to be as strong as her. 

My father wasn’t the best role model to grow up with. In the beginning, he was my best friend when I was a little girl. He slowly became an alcoholic and left us for another woman. Through all the shit he put us through, he’s my father and I still idolize him when it comes to certain things. My dad recently got told he had kidney cancer in each kidney. It’s changing him, he stopped drinking, but I still don’t see him as much, I hope we can get closer before he moves on. 





  1. anxietygirl365 · April 20, 2016

    I’m sorry to hear about your dad..that’s tough. It can be hard to leave the past behind to rebuild a relationship but hopefully it can happen for you and he can be a part of your life in a bigger, healthier way now!

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  2. mentalbreakinprogress · April 19, 2016

    I hope you are able to reconnect with you father xo I can relate to this…my father has not been a part of my life for 11 years now…I think about him but like your father…he made his choice…my father also left my mother for another woman…yeah….my mother’s sister…yay lol…despite all this I love the fact that you try to honor the good times ❤

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · April 19, 2016

      Thank you! I’m sorry about your dad as well! Gotta try and look at the good times we had, and the ones I want him to make with my fiancé and I and hopefully one day our children!

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      • mentalbreakinprogress · April 19, 2016

        Exactly! I don’t have children at the moment but I think gee, if I did have children I would want them to know their grandfather. Time will tell! 🙂 xo

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