Get To Know Me Tag! 

Thanks to B.G! for nominating me for the “Get To Know Me Tag”! Excited to participate in this!! 

Now If these questions are too personal, skip over them and answer the next!! 

Vital Stats: 

  • Name: Cyerra! 
  • NickName: C, Cia, 
  • Birthday: June 26th! 
  • Star Sign: Cancer. 
  • Occupation: Online customer service rep. 


  • Hair Color: Naturally its brown almost black, right now it’s Plum Burgundy. 
  • Hair Length: Almost to my belly button, middle back. 
  • Eye Color: Black. 
  • Best Feature: Eyes.
  • Piercings: first and second holes in my ears, my tragus in my left ear, and my right side of my nose. I use to have my cheeks pierced but they got infected, they where my fav. 
  • Tattoos: Yup, 2. 
  • Right or Left: I’m a righty! 


  • Best Friend: Megan, elementary school. 
  • Award: lol, music award. 
  • Sport: my first sport was basketball and cheerleading, only sports I kept up with too really. Besides high school I played volleyball. 
  • Real Holiday: hmm.. I was born in June so, Halloween? 
  • Concert: first birthday party, Barney concert lol. 


  • Film: ah I really don’t know, Pineapple Express. 
  • TV Show: Once Upon A Time! 
  • Color: Yellow:) 
  • Song: hmm, honestly I can’t name a favorite but right now I’m listening to “The Dirty Heads”:) 
  • Restaurant: lol Dave n Busters was amazing, and I want it again! 
  • Shop: PacSun. 
  • Book: Crank or Impulse. 


  • Feeling: lazy. 
  • Single/Taken: Happily engaged:) 
  • Eating: air. 
  • Thinking about: my thumb is starting to cramp under my cellphone! 
  • Watching: Nothing. 
  • Wearing: Nikkis white t and some soffee shorts. 


  • Want Children? I believe so, yes. 
  • Want to be married? I already found the love of my life, but yes now that all 50 states legalized gay marriage, we would love to be married! 
  • Careers in mind? Ah I’d kill to be a special education teacher, maybe one day! Or run a very successful blog! 
  • Where you want to live? Off grid! 

Do you believe in:

  • God: um, my views on this are a little different than most. I’m spiritual not religious. I don’t believe in the God that is talked about in our world today, no. I believe in a higher power, but nothing that has to do with the Holy Ghost, the bible, the church, ect. 
  • Miracles: to an extent, yes. 
  • Love at first sight: um, no.
  • Ghosts: souls, yes, lost souls, yes. 
  • Aliens: very much so.
  • Soul Mates: of course. 
  • Heaven: I believe if we’re good and treat others with respect in our life, we will be somewhere good. I don’t believe in the heaven that is in the bible, but pretty much. I just believe we move on to our next life, how we lived this one determines how good the next will be. 
  • Hell: just like before, I believe if we do wrong by others in this life, our next life will not be too pleasant. 
  • Kissing on first date: I haven’t been on one in 4 years but I made Nikki wait till the second date for a kiss:) lol.
  • Yourself: at times. 

I nominate: anyone who took the time to read my answers!! 

Remember, you don’t have to answer all of these! 





  1. annebellasays · April 21, 2016

    Your name is so cool – I love it! Being spiritual is the best, revel in it- it’s where it is :0) This was a fun read. I like these down to earth posts. Thank you for sharing and I’m totally going to do this one too.

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  2. happyalexx · April 20, 2016

    Hello fellow cancer ^-^ you’re name is so cool and yellow is such a wonderful colour.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. gettingthroughanxiety · April 20, 2016

    I love your answers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aunt Tabbi · April 20, 2016

    Good getting to know you a little better

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  5. Cinderzenablogs · April 20, 2016

    its great to get to know you!! ^_^

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